Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Minutes after my previous post, CNN reported that Amtrak has suspended service between NYP and PHL due to the horrific derailment of Northeast Regional train #188 near center city Philadelphia earlier this evening.

I cancelled my tickets and plan to rebook at a later date. I will post reviews of selected Rick Steves travel products during the next trip.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


It has been less than a month since I rode the Northeast Regional and the Crescent round trip from Boston to Atlanta, but every rail trip is different, even if the route is the same, so I am excited about this one.

I will be testing some of Rick Steves' travel accessories on the train, and in a Boston hotel where I will spend the night prior to boarding the Northeast Regional Wednesday morning. In addition to one carry-on bag for clothing, shoes, and toiletries, I will take a messenger bag to keep essentials at hand for the 24-hour rail trip.

Photo: Rick Steves accessories - sleep mask, ear plugs, travel pillow, sleep sack

Photo: Rick Steves accessories - mesh bag, travel wash, clothesline, microfiber washcloths, microfiber towel

Photo: Rick Steves accessories - neck wallet, flexi-lock, first aid kit, money belt

Photo: Neck pillow out of bag, deflated