Friday, October 16, 2015

Day Twenty-One: St. Paul, MN to Chicago, IL and The Lake Shore Limited

Sunrise brought new, industrial landscapes into view as we passed through Clear Lake and Becker townships on the way to St. Paul, MN.

Between Ravenna and Milwaukee, many of the landscapes reminded me of watercolor paintings with strikingly beautiful cloud formations. [Mom, these are especially for you.]

There was a huge road and rail contruction project going on in Milwaukee.

After two days and nights on the Empire Builder, we arrived in Chicago. I had a new sense of "America the Beautiful."

Photo: The train platform at Chicago's Union Station. The red light marked the end of our adventure aboard the Empire Builder.

After detraining in Chicago, John and I spent several hours in the Metropolitan Lounge before boarding the Lake Shore Limited a little after 9:00PM. Dinner service was over. The beds in our roomettes were already made up. I listened to a Louis L'amour novel and watched the city lights pass by as the Lake Shore Limited sped east, traveling at what felt like twice the speed of the Empire Builder.

Tomorrow: A day on the Lake Shore Limited

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